Helium Speed Boot


Product Code: 36-210706
  • Lace system
    • Single Anti-Slip Lace with molded lace hooks
    • molded lace hook
    • High-Performance boot for MTN and Trail Riding
    • Engineered to have positive fit & feel, with maximum flexibility, stability and protection
    • Rated to -60° C with 800 g insulation
    • Molded inner heel flex insert for backward flex control and impact support
    • Molded low profile toe box
    • New speed lace hooks for quick pull & lock lace tightening
    • Minimal seams in sled-contact areas
    • Heavy duty genuine rubber reinforcements
    • Front & rear pant cuff attachment system
    • Fixed liner with fur lining
    • BTO Thermostatic Midsole Insert
    • FXR high traction outsole
    • Toe kick - clean snow and ice with ease
    • Achilles and calf cushion support
    • Contoured grab handles for single-handed carrying

  • Helium Speed Boot